Hoaxes and Goofs

For some bizarre astronomy, follow the links in this section. You can find some links in the left side sector of this pages. For all information, the complete list of links remains in the section introduction (like this).

  • Marte-Espectacular. Probably you received an e-mail about Mars spectacular these months, here you can find a modified pps file explaining briefly why this is an absurd. (written in spanish by German Morales on a pps file sent by someone in July 2010).
  • End of The World, again!. About the December 21, 2012 prophecies, a pdf file written in Spanish. Using some examples, show how these prophecies are absurd lies or a misunderstanding of physical and astronomical knowledge.
  • 12/12/12. An epilogue to the End of the World, again!; and other topics. (in Spanish)

Always, the newspapers give us a series of mistakes and misunderstandings about science and astronomy. As the proverb says, "one example will suffice to prove it" or in Spanish: Para muestra basta un botón.

Also, the newspapers in other countries make a series of goofs about astronomy and science. Here you can read about some mistakes in the media of Spain; follow the links (from other pages in the WWW).