IYA2009 - IAU TAD School

Introduction to astronomy and astrophysics

John Beckman from Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarías (IAC) in Spain, propose the idea to develope a TAD school in Cochabamba. A first experience in this way in Bolivia.
Due to the large freindship between Professor Beckman and Germán Morales, and the ASO long and serious work; to decide where, was easy. ASO collaborated in the coordination of activities and served as contact point in Bolivia.
The IAU give the approval and economic support. Also the IAC (Spain) and Fundación Simón I. Patiño (Bolivia) support the school.

The School was oriented to university students in science, engineering and mathematics careers, introducing astronomy and astrophysics principles. The School was promoting in all Bolivia, sending e-mail invitations and regular mail and posters to most important universities in Bolivia, public and privates. Near to one hundred applications received. John Beckman act as Director of the School and carry out the selection process, choosing 37, mostly, students and allowing some astronomy amateurs to participate in the school.

Beginning at October 5 until October 9, there was 35 hours of intensive classes (7 hours each day in a schedule of a daily 8 hours activity including coffee breaks). The classroom located in the Public Library sector of Centro Simón Patiño, beautiful buildings with extensive gardens in the north sector of Cochabamba City; bring a quite and peaceful frame to this activity.

Topics taught:

The distance measurement in the Universe, by John Beckman PhD, from Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, España.
Physical properties of Stars, by Hugo Levato PhD., from CONICET (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas), Argentina.
Exoplanets, by Ramiro de la Reza PhD., from Observatório Nacional – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
The use of HST and Sloan files for galaxies study, by Leonel Gutierrez PhD., from Instituto de Astronomía UNAM, México.
Cosmology, by Vladimir Avila PhD., from Instituto de Astronomía UNAM, México.
Galaxies: regular & actives, by Paulina Lira PhD., from Universidad Nacional de Chile.
Galaxy clusters and the Universe’s structure, by Leopoldo Infante PhD., from Universidad Católica de Chile

School participants. Participants

School Poster. Poster