ASO in brief

Astronomia Sigma Octante (ASO) is a non profit astronomical center oriented to research and educational activities. Everybody that wants made astronomy in a serious way, learn it, or simply enjoy the skies is welcome. There are no restrictions and one main goal for us is gather professional and amateur astronomers together.

ASO founded on March 1977 in Cochabamba, Bolivia; was created after astronomy courses taught by Max Schreier, an Austrian PhD in mathematics and astronomy enthusiastic, who came to Bolivia in 1938, and lived in Cochabamba many years from later 1976.

The ASO goals are diverse and focused in a gradual advance in topics related with mathematics, physics, astronomy and other subjects. We encourage people with no passion for math and physics, to work in observational activities and reinforce the importance of such activities. More important is a work well done, no matter the complexity or academic level involved. All the contributions are welcome.

We are looking for people who love astronomy and enjoy the pleasure of get knowledge and discover new horizons.