Planetarium for Cochabamba

Bringing Astronomy to all people

From the early 1980's born the idea of getting a Planetarium for Cochabamba. At these first times Dr. Max Schreier was enthusiastic with the idea. He got, years before, with great effort, the donation of a small planetarium and Telescope for the University of San Andrés in La Paz. But he was retired at this times and he can't help us.

There are a series of ideas and activities related to this project that make it a complete astronomical project, beyond the ordinary conception that people have.

But, it was very difficult to find the appropriate mechanisms to come this dream true. One fundamental issue was avoiding the involvement of public institutions commonly associated with political parties' job allocation, due to the very know catastrophic results of that situation: Incompetent people at job positions and a lot of money lost, excluding those who really know.

Despite that worry, we maintain an open mind position and try some times with these kind of institutions (like Mayor's Office, etc.) three or more times at least. Some people contact us, some times, with the new (according to them) idea of getting a Planetarium for Cochabamba, but these people have not a clue about what a Planetarium really is, according their own words. Other person comment us, a couple of years ago, that he want to put a Planetarium for profit and trying to demonstrate some shareholder people (expecting a financial prospect) the possibility of that, maybe in Cochabamba or Santa Cruz. None interest in Science and Education, only a kind of movie theatre.

In 2000, an opportunity, with a well established university appeared, but, despite their enthusiasm, they have not the possibility to offer an economical counterpart to get an equipment donation.

We are looking for other people and institutions, that want to participate and contribute with a project that stress in education and science activities to bring up the astronomy and scientific knowledge to people.

But this is not the end of the line, it's only the beginning, we are looking beyond.